Biostone Tourmaline 0.01

  • Danish: Verdens fineste filter, .01 micron Swedish: Världens finaste filter 0,01 mikron
Optional upgrade filter available for the Microlite,Melody,Orion, Venus, Alphion, Delphi and Aquarius models.
Also called a hollow membrane filter this filter is the same size filter that is used in kidney dialysis.

It is the finest (smallest micron) domestic filter available and will remove virtually everything except for the essential alkalizing minerals. Typically, if on city water we recommend the regular Biostone filter but for well water and where there is hyper-allergy issues we recommend the .01M Biostone filter.

Biostone Filter Maintenance
All the latest Jupiter Science ionizers have a digital readout that shows how long before you need to change your filter. A filter typically lasts a family of four between 8 to 9 months and gives a good 1000 gallons of water. We recommend changing the filter at least once every 12 months to ensure quality performance.

How often you change your filter will depend on the quality of your water and the amount of water you are using each day on average. If you smell or taste chlorine in your water after it passes through your Ionizer you should change your filter. In some city water supplies the amount of chlorine now used is at higher levels than before due to increases in contaminants. Also if you notice that the flow rate through your filter has decreased to a slow rate then it is probably because it is full of particles and now needs replacement.

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