Alphion Model

  • Model ALPHION
Benefits of drinking Jupiter Alkaline Antioxidant Water

•Negative Charged Ions (-ORP) removes Free Radicals
•Abundant Oxygen enhances Stamina & Metabolism
•Smaller Water Cluster Hydrates and Energises
•Alkaline Minerals neutralizes Acidic Wastes & Uric Acids
•Ionized Calcium (Ca++) builds strong bones & teeth
•Restores the natural pH balance of the body
•Bacteria-Free,Chlorine-Free and Acid-Free

The Jupiter Alphion is the only Water Ionizer in the market today to be able to control the pH output automatically. Using the latest water flow computer system, it ensures a consistent pH by regulating water flow pressure. There is a failsafe control for accidental hot water use.

Controlled by advanced intelligent MICOM circuit
Reduced Mineral deposits with patented DARC system
Alarm message in case of low water pressure
Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow
Digital Filter life indicator Display
0.01 m ultra fine space fiber with Bio-stone infrared technology
Calcium port for additional calcium
Flux control and inbuilt on-off valve, making exterior valve unnecessary
Automatic flow reversal system
Easy filter replacement
9 levels of pH selection

Stylish silver metallic design complement any Kitchen decor! + One-touch button operation
+ Automatic pH control
+ Patented DARC cleaning system
+ Mesh Platinum - Titanium Electrodes

This new model sits on your Kitchen Counter Top without showing any messy tubing in sight.
Everything is under the Counter hidden away. You only have to press the button to activate the Alkaline Drinking Water and not the traditional way of turning on the tap.

Jupiter Water Ionizer is the endorsed brand by :
Dr. Robert O Young (author of 'pH Miracle') Dr. Theodore Barody (author of 'Alkalize or Die') and Mr. Sang Whang (author of 'Reverse Ageing')


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